The Battle Within!

It’s Sat. here in kobe and I need to dash out the door soon to teach, but I also promise myself I would write at least one post a day, so I’m sticking to my guns on this, today let’s get into the battle within that players struggle with in their games.

The battle within is when tennis players can’t stay congruent with what type of player they want to become and they continue to struggle to find it, something you don’t want to do with yours, and the best remedy for this, is to concentrate more on what you are doing at any given time on the court, whether it be a match or practice.

The more you learn to concentrate with all your might on one thing at a time, and you have to learn this method, the more powerful you will become at it, it’s a systematic fact okay, that as your concentration improves, so does your game.

When you talk to juniors about this, their response is” Tell me something I don’t know”!

Which is the wrong attitude to take, their response should be, ” How good am I at this”?

See, players at all levels have to stay in learning mode to be able to improve any part of their game and the only way to start doing this, is to concentrate better on the court or should I say learn to concentrate better through daily practice, because this is a learning process for everyone, so be patience and stay with it until you can master it, to be able to master your game.

Go about this off the court at first, by starting each day the ideal way, read something positive and think about something positive, then for the whole day stay in control of your emotions, notice when you feel tense and breath deeply and let the tension go, do this throughout the whole day.

After a week you should feel more in control over your emotions, make sure you are acting positive too and being congruent with the person you would like to become, now this will carry over to the court and the results are going to be great for your game

Make this happen for your game starting today, what else do you have to lose!

Good luck!