The Speed of The Game(Modern Tennis)

The game is about power and speed these days, you have to be agile and mobile on court with your play, what players need to do is develop a more compact game, to negate this speed.

Watching these tournaments recently, players don’t seem to understand this, the speed of the game is too fast for those loopy take backs and the higher the level you play at, it’s even more faster, modern tennis is like ping-pong tennis.

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The reason I say this is, because when we watch the two swings side by side, in both cases, the player is using a compact swing with a upper body turn during a coil, then the wrist comes into play, try a ping pong swing more to handle the speed that is coming at you.

The japanese players struggle with this, they can’t handle the speed of the game in their matchplay.

Players need to improve their hand/eye skills to get better at this, the best way to do this is to play catch more with a baseball or football and work on your anticipation skills , try to use more drills in your workout that will help you develop better hand/eye coordination and this should carry over to your matches, you want these two always working together on court.

I was watching a match the other day, were the player was just playing too fast, and many players do this, they need to slow things down with their play so, they can get a better look at each point. This will get them into the flow of the match.

Yeah, it’s the speed of the game that players have to adjust to more, if they want to win more matches.

The speed of the game is killing players these days, look at the women tour.

So let’s get you to adjust your swing to match the power that is coming at you, one good way to do this is to rally 3 feet inside the baseline, do it for a week or so in your practices, the goal here is to hit the ball on the rise and play with the different swings and spin, to get the hang of this, this can help your timing on those powerful shots directed at you.

Tennis players are going to have to work and improve this part of their game, because this weakness here will limit their success in tennis.

I told this girl after her match the other day” You have to start working on a more COMPACT style of play”. Her problem is her take back is too big and loopy and I have been telling her this for days, but another coach is teaching her this take back, go figure!!

And I will say the same to you, improve on your ability to handle those harder shots and you are going to see better results soon.

Good Luck!