New Year For Tennis!

Man, I had a great new year eve party last night and still woke up at 5am this morning,my computer was down and I just freaked out for a moment. Seems like Hostgator had some type of problems going on with their system or something.

This New Year, give you a chance to become a new tennis player in your mind and take that step in reaching your goals.

Here at IYFT we will continue to give you free tennis tips and also cover topics, and I mean any topics, that have to deal with tennis, I welcome your feedback too, so keep them coming.

We all have New Year goals that we write down every year, only to break them in the first month of Jan. or not follow through on them at all,so I’m not going to preach to you like others try to, but I will say this, learn something new everyday that can help improve your game or get one thing done everyday that can help you reach that goal.

Like my mentor told me, “ Thomas life is a game, most people play the game of struggle and they give up, make sure you play the game like a winner and you will be one!

Tennis players need to stop playing the game of tennis like a loser and start playing it like a winner.

Champions create success in their MINDS FIRST!

This is how all the tennis greats have achieve so much in their careers. So stop getting caught up in the struggle with your game, get with the mental side of the game this year.

Tennis is all mental and if you can’t control your thoughts on court, you are not going to be able to control your emotions either. And of course you won’t be able to control your game.

This control starts to takes place when you are able to get a vision of the type of tennis player that you would like to be and then be able to hold it. Players are able to get a vision most of the time, but few can actually hold that vision.

Write this down and and carry it around with you, look at it everyday for 5 times, to let it sink into your mindset.

“Be careful what you say to yourself, about yourself, when you are by yourself”, by a famous author.

Happy New Year!