Focused Tennis

I thought I would talk about focusing while playing tennis today, players are always saying this to themselves and hearing it from their coaches, but how many of them really know what this means and how to do it.

Focused tennis for me is constantly correcting your errors on court, focus on correcting them, not the ERRORS.

I read somewhere that at Vic Braden’s college that they have a sign out front that says ( You are allowed to make mistakes at this tennis school!) and its a good point too, don’t be afraid to make mistakes on court.

Its the same as an airplane that is in flight, it spends 80% of the time off course, but it corrects itself during the trip to reach the destination, have the same image on court, correct your stroke during the match or practice to arrive at a smooth destination, which is flow tennis.

Action tip, change your mindset about mistakes and errors while playing, accept them, then correct them, until you find your timing with your strokes and your game should flow from there.

I actually feel this is the one mistake students make when learning tennis, they are too conscious of their mistake, instead of letting go and moving on! Forget about it!

So in you next workout, let the mistakes go and don’t react, stay emotionally balanced the whole session, this is a fun and great drill to develop mental toughness.

Focused tennis is allowing the errors to happen, and then correcting them as you go along.

I guess the main point here is to be or not to be focused.

Only you can provide the answer to that one!