Release Your Past

Tennis players need to understand that at every level, until you release your past, you can’t move forward, this is why players stay stuck in their whole career, they can’t let that lost go.

This is the story of 90% of the tennis players that are struggling on tour, this is also a good post to print out and read it for 1 month to have it sink deep into your mindset, ready?

First, you are where you are now as a tennis player, because thats where you want it to be, so get serious about turning your career around.

Defining moments on the big stage are defining you, try to face your fears, instead of letting them control you.

Second, you have the power to create a new future in this game if you want to, but you have to change what you are feeding your subconscious mind now, replaying that bad lost over and over is for losers and produces a loser mindset, that can be fatal.

Will yourself to become a winner by imaging it mentally, thats how world class tennis players have done it. Study their game and how they produced it, now follow their lead.

Stop sending negative thoughts to your subconscious mind, it only obeys what you tell it, the more you can affirm the player you want to be, while picturing yourself doing it, the more your play will change for the better.

Our subconscious mind is the most powerful thing a tennis players can use, but most don’t, they try to use their conscious mind and it doesn’t work. The subconscious mind is where its at, feed it positive info and it will do the rest for you, thats the secret folks.

The only way to release the past for good, is to change what we feed our subconscious mind daily with emotions, until you feel the power of change inside you, then and only then, will we change our mental movie.

Read this again for a month, then watch your past slip away for good.

Tennis is mental folks, don’t kid yourself, until you start working on your mental toughness, you are going to stay stuck.