Have a Clear Definition

The reason why affirmations don’t work for a lot of tennis players is because they don’t have a clear definition of what they want from the game and themselves, their goals are vague, or too general, your goals have to be specific in what you want.

Now after you have a clear definition of what you want, get it on paper, write and rewrite it daily, this is where players miss the boat, they write it once, then they read it over and over, but a more powerful way to do this is to keep rewriting it, while you visualize it taking place.

We all have a story, one that we have created by our thoughts about our tennis game, so to change that story, we must first be honest about where we are, admit our weaknesses, then affirm what you are going to be as a player with emotion, if you do this daily for a month, your story will start to change right before your eyes. I have use this myself in my junior days. See, my teaching comes from experience and thats why I’m an expert in this area of the game, tennis is all mental when you break it down.

So,this is what mental coaches should be teaching their students, to create a new story, players who choke often, do so because they have created that story for themselves, they picture themselves choking on big points and thats exactly what happen, we get what we expect in other words.

Stop feeding this fault story with your negative images, come up with a ritual were you write your new story daily, do it everyday and feel that sensation that comes with it, cast out everything else from your mind and you will transform your game in weeks.

The reason this works every time is, our ENERGY follows our story!

Make sense doesn’t it?

Time to create a NEW STORY guys!