Net Play Tennis Instructions

IYFT tennis players are all around players, they focus on setting their opponents up with deep top spin shots and then finishing off the point at the net, getting your net game on will help you to take that next step with you game.

This tip today is for all players, the more you improve your net game the better you will play, it starts with getting over your net phobia.

I find that players are just too afraid up there.

Most of the players problems starts with their attitude towards volleying, if they would only change the way they look at it and get the work in trying to perfect the timing of the stroke, they would realize that playing the net is about developing your hand and eye coordination. Its us going on a self discovery journey to find the stroke, but the hands are leading the way with the eyes, get these two working together for you, let that be your first goal.

The great volleyers use their whole body when at the net and their feel is always there.

Start by playing catch with a partner, first split step and step across to catch the ball with your hand(palms up), do this over and over again until you get a good feel for it.

After get someone to feed you balls were you just block it back in the direction where you want it to go, be aware of how you racket face is angle at contact, all the problems occur there. The racket face determines the direction of the ball, try to keep that in mind.

Your wrist should be laid back and keep the racket face above the ball, I will leave a video at the bottom for more instructions, the goal is to commit to becoming a better volleyer, then continue to improve your feel for the volley. This is a mental thing.

What I like about being able to finish off the point at the net is it give you the advantage over most players that are playing tennis, who have no net game at all.

You don’t have to become a great serve and volleyer, just get your net game to a point were you can have confident in coming in and putting the ball away, its thats simple,so keep it that way. Nothing fancy.

Last thing is keep improving your approach shot, short balls are your chance to come in, so never let this opportunity pass you by, be ready to take charge at any time.

Your feel around the front court area will improve with practice, and here is a great tip, when you miss a volley, look to see if you were out of position or not.Adjust after your observation and keep learning from your feedback.

Your net game will improve when you court positioning does, or should I say, the better you can get a good feel for how to transition from the back court to the front court, the quicker you will see results.

Decide right now that you are going to get your net game together and don’t stop until you do!

It took me a while to perfect my net game but when I did, the game just got so much easier for me and the same will happen for you because the court will feel smaller.

Commit and stick with it guys!