Learn How to Focus

Hope you guys are enjoying the french open, I haven’t been watching it, because I don’t have Wowow here, so I have to get the results on the net. I’m going with Nadal and Serena to take it home. Both of them look in fine form now.

Okay, learning how to focus, IYFT players focus on playing solid points to get in the flow in their matches, they don’t let their opponents or mistakes stop them from being able to stay mentally in a match.

Match play is all about focus, if you are having trouble in your matches, the problem is you are not controlling your thoughts, thoughts will trigger feeling, and then your actions. But it always start with your thoughts.

Thats why you must take control over them at the start before things snowball mentally for you,learning to focus is the biggest challenge for all players, the ones who do, seem to have a strong faith in their abilities to get the job done.

This helps them when they are struggling in their matches, were as other players mentally give up, the best thing to do is to focus on giving all effort in all of your matches, why not just leave it all out their on the court. Pick up the challenge.

IYFT players do this all the time, that way even if they lose, they can still walk off the court a WINNER!

Focus on competing, you should never second guess the effort you put in after a match, also like I said before, hold the image of the player that you want to become in your mind, as you are doing this.Thats the secret or secret sauce! Sorry.

Learning to focus takes effort, which is why a lot of players don’t do it! If they would just focus on getting mentally tough by staying in the moment, then seizing on that moment, they would surprise themselves.

I call this seeing through your mental tennis x-ray, meaning always see yourself as you would like to be mentally, which is strong and having courage in the heat of battle, IYFT players do whatever they have to, to tap into this inner powers that we all have.

Now thats what IYFT is all about, so have some!