Turning Your Tennis Career Around

If you think, act and play like you are already the player that you would like to be, you are unconsciously becoming that player”.

Folks that’s the secret right there to turning your  tennis career around, don’t wait either, just start doing the above into you feel yourself becoming it.

This is what I tell students who are serious about breaking through with their tennis game, which is, you have to start acting the part right now, as long as you keep acting like a loser, you will continue to lose.

I’m thinking of a good junior now who is dealing with this problem, he is working for one thing, but expecting another, and he still won’t admit this to his self,and this is the same story of millions of  junior players out there, also adults.

I have over 300 posts on this blog, take some time and go back through them and takes some notes, then commit to turning your career around by acting the part as best you can.

Many players will be surprise to see, how quickly they can turn things around for themselves, sometimes it can be like in weeks!

For the next week affirm to yourself daily that you are already the player that you want to be, so make sure you have the vision of that player in your mind, then concentrate on that vision, ignore everything else.

The great Poncho used to alway say to his students, ” Through concentration, you can become whatever you want to become”.

But  most players don’t know this secret and coaches for some reason don’t  teach it.

Make this your theme for the next month, keep saying it to yourself, doesn’t matter whether you believe it right now or not, just keep affirming it to yourself, your subconscious mind will do the rest for you.

Okay, I need to go teach.

Great day in Kobe today!

Federer Takes Title

The thing about Federer now is that, not only did in take the title at the Western &Southern Open, he has one of the best match records on tour, we have all been waiting for this, so let’s sit back and enjoy it.

He has to be the favorite leading up to the Open.

Because Nadal will be 70% as best, Murray is playing like Murray and Novak is struggling because of his bad coaching decision.

The match was contested for two sets then Federer turned it up a notch and roll over Ferrer in the third, after the second set I was thinking ” Here we go again”, but he stepped it up when he needed to,and  I have to give him credit for that.

“I would like to address those die hard Federer fans out there, I have always been a fan of his and all I ever tried to do was keep it real about his mental game”.

Hiring Edberg was a good move, because he is playing some Edberg like points.

He could change his game to a more transitional game, like we saw yesterday  from him and be very effective in these last years of his career.

And it is good to see all the hard work he  has put in,start paying off for him.

Great job man!

And Congrats on your 80th title!!!!!



Keep Your Head Still

I’m going to make a  bold statement now for all of Federer’s fans to him, ” You are not only playing the best tennis on tour, but there is no way you should lose today”.

He has looked like the best player on tour for the last week and I know you guys would agree with me, now all he has to do is take the trophy home today and celebrate with the family.

On some over notes, Serena seems to have recover from that Wimbledon thing and when is Nadal going to decides whether or not to play in the US Open? I think he should just pull out, if he doesn’t feel 100% ready.

Today’s tennis tip is a good one that will have you hitting more steady strokes in weeks.

To get a better feel for your strokes, don’t move your head during contact anymore, actually don’t move your head during the setup phase at all, keep your eyes on the ball and let the racket do the work for you on the swing.

We have already talked about using repetitions in practice, so do the same thing with this tip,in practice focus on keeping your head still at contact while doing the reps and finishing the stroke.

Most players make the mistake of looking up to soon to see where the ball is going during the stroke, which throws off their timing and feel.

Watching some of the  pros slow-motion videos on TV yesterday, all the players kept their head completely still at contact, this is why they are so consistent with their strokes.

Final’s is just starting, so I’m going to get into it guys.

Talk you guys tomorrow.