Focus On Your Small Goals

“It’s doing the small goals everyday, that leads you to achieving your big goals.”

The process plays out like this,”You focus on completing your small goals daily and then over time, you will eventually reach your big goals”.

Some people call these sub-goals, doesn’t matter what you want to call them, just make sure they get done, before you finish your day.

With tennis players, it could be, make sure I hit 500 reps on a certain stroke or spend an extra 30 minutes working on my second serve after practice.

I see players adjusting their goals, when they know they aren’t going to reach them, which is the wrong mindset, because when you do this, you weaken your “willpower”.

What they should do it write down their small goals the night before and then after they finish their day, check off what they got done for that day.

If they didn’t get everything done, no problem, make sure it gets done the next day.

By doing this, you will be able to get into the flow with your day better and feel more in control of it.

Again, the process is simple, “Focus on getting your small goals done daily and let the process work for you!”

Question, what are your small goals for today?

And are they written down?

A Look Back at James Blake

James Blake was one of my favorite tennis  players, his athletic skills and power on the court, were fun to watch.

I stumbled on to this talk he did at goggle and wanted to share it with you today.

We can debate on  his tennis career in another post, but today let’s focus on studying this guy’s character and growth as a person.

I also  wish he would travel the US teaching our youth, because there is no one out there, that could touch and change some young lives like this guy can.

“I’m at this point in my life, were I’m studying character and success and trying to stay congruent with them.”

James I would like to thank you for giving us some great tennis and I hope whatever path you choose after you finish up school, that you do it with the same passion that you did on court.

This guy has a powerful family story and we all need to here it, I’ll also link his best-selling book too.

Okay enough intro. James, take it away!

Get Ready for Next Year

I would like to thank all who viewed my blog daily in 2014.

And I hope you have achieved all your  tennis goals for this year, if you haven’t, you still have time.

Now  what I would like for you to do is write down all of your goals for next year and start picturing yourself reaching them.

If the goal is big, break it down into smaller goals and also see yourself getting there, the mental picture is the first step towards achieving a goal, most players don’t reach their goals because they don’t think about them enough.

I read a quote somewhere that said, ” Out of sight, out of mind”.

 Get a head start on reaching next year goals, by writing them down and planning your schedule out right now(get clear on this too),after that,post all of them up, because you want your goals, staring at you in the face everyday.

Don’t forget the goals you didn’t reach this year, I would suggest that you focus on reaching those first, before you start on the ones for next year, this will give you the feeling of being a good finisher.

Adults and juniors should have their tennis goals written down and they need to work hard to reach them, while holding the image of them doing it, better known as a burning desire.

Any tennis goal that you haven’t reached yet,  just means that you don’t want it bad enough.

Successful tennis players have clear goals and they  work hard and focus on them, until they reach them.