Becoming The Leader For Your Tennis Team

Today, let’s talk about how you can become the leader of your tennis team.

You should…..

Always seek to lead any team or group that you belong to.

Start with your tennis team,then graduate to bigger groups and associations in the future.

Al right,check out the attributes that you will need to work on…..

1). Develop a super positive attitude.

Just having a positive attitude is not enough.

You must go beyond a positive attitude to become a great leader and develop a super positive one,through daily practice.

It’s a daily dedication to being positive all the time and looking at everything with the right attitude.

2). Have faith in your teammates.

You must have faith in yourself and in your teammates.

They must also feel this faith that you have in them,because this will help them, when they start to struggle during the season.

Faith is that powerful energy that can’t be seen,but is always felt!!!

3). Embrace the challenge.

The season will bring many challenges for you and your team.

This is where you have to step it up mentally and face each setback head on and show a lot of grit, patience, and persistence.

Never run away from problems.

Instead attack them like a true warrior.

4).Study other great leaders.

You must study great leaders and stay congruent with their actions and their attitudes.

Read their stories.

Visualize yourself becoming a great leader.

A great question to ask yourself when face with a setback or challenge is during the season is….

What would so and so, do in this situation?

Then follow your intuition and do it!!

5). Commitment.

Commit to being a great leader.

When you are committed to anything, you create a powerful force field.

That can breakthrough any obstacle that stands in your way.

All leaders have this quality.

And it is this quality that separates them, from the average person.

Take these 5 attributes and master them as soon as you can.

That should help you to become a captain of your tennis team.

Don’t forget either.

You have to keep working on yourself and improving your attitude and your personal skills.

Last thing…..

Have a great season too!!!