Making Tennis Practice Work For You

All competitive tennis players have to look at the way they practice.

You can tell a lot about a player or a team, by the way they practice.

Some players practice hard 1 day and the other day, they mentally take off.

IYFT players practice with all out mental effort, passion and true intentions.

True intentions are very important in practice.

When you step on the court for practice, what are you really trying to get done?

Hit yourself with that question and write it down right there.

By writing it down, you will internalize it and be more aware of it, on the court in practice.

Never go to practice,without a well thought out plan.

Then work the plan as best you can.

Your main objective is to get in the flow with practice.


All practice sessions are about you making constant adjustments during them.

And through those adjustments.

Your strokes and pattern of play will start to take shape on their own!!

At the end of practice.

Break out with your notebook again and write down some feedback.

But first,I would do some breathing exercises to relax and then start writing down how it went, how you felt and what you intend to do in your next practice.

Practice that way for a few weeks.

And the results will speak for themselves.

The thing is,,

Your mindset for practice,will determine how much you get done in practice.

The Champions know that,,,

“They win their matches in practice.”