Applying Pressure To Your Opponent

One skill that you have to learn and even master how to do it in matches is…

Applying pressure the right way to your opponent.

Most players will always choke under pressure.

Because many of them,never learn how to deal with it.

This will gives you a huge mental edge, if you start applying this tactic the right way.

Here are some things to think about.

Practice controlling your own senses.

“Stop reacting to things that happen to you in practice or matches”.

Think about this.

The more you can control your own emotional reaction,the more you will control your opponent.

This will help you to, be able to apply more pressure to your opponents too.

Your opponent is programmed to react a certain way and so are you.

But when you break that pre-determine reaction,you throw them off mentally.

The other thing is…….

Be formless in your matches

Your opponent should never be able to read your emotions in a match.

Don’t give them anything,to use against YOU.

“This will keep them confuse and frustrated and also give you the mental edge over them,when the match gets tight”.

Notice how when you play a match.

Your opponent is always looking over at you after points or games?

They are trying to read your body language.

So,don’t give away anything and focus all your energy on the next point.

You must practice this consciously all the time.

Until you can get these warrior tactics down into your playing style and into your subconscious mind.

Then,you will be able to do it naturally on court.

And your mental game will flow in matches!!!