Why You Need To Learn IYFT

At the US Open yesterday, all the top seeds went through and Murray handle Kyrgios easier then I thought he would.

Kyrgios needs to get back to focusing on tennis and nothing but tennis.

Enough of the antics,because it takes the enjoyment away from the fans,when they are watching this great sport,nobody wants to watch a player with a serious attitude problem.

Really though guys,he needs to grow up and do it fast!!

Now back to today’s topic.

What is “In Your Face Tennis”?

It’s a fearless style of play,that requires players to learn how to master their mental game.

Which is a journey in and of itself.

As long as you are competing,you need to be working on your mental game.

I created this concept, because I really got tired of players losing to players that they shouldn’t  be losing to and then walk off court with a ton of excuses.

“IYFT is playing every point as hard as you can, then letting that point go,then playing the next point even harder.”

It’s not about winning matches, it’s about winning,while playing the mental game.

Also know as the inner game.

Playing the mental game, is a constant inner battle, isn’t it?

IYFT is you,getting a clear image of the players that you would like to become and then playing yourself  into that image.

Tennis players have to learn how to play in the ideal, until they can play that way for real!!

When you mentally train this way,you can “leap frog” the learning curve and the competition.

Which is what you want to do,so you can become a top ranking player.

And last,IYFT is seeing and having the ability to see the outcome of the match, before you actually play it in your mind,this will take months of mental training by you,before you can do it in matches.

Does this sound like something that may interest you to look into more?

I hope it does!

I also hope that, today’s post gave you some better insight into IYFT and  what the concept is based upon.

And I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow!!

Tennis Talk

Kei was knocked out yesterday and I think he was still suffering from his last lost, to Murray.

He had match point, but when he didn’t get it done,he never could mentally recover.

Most of my friends are hurting this morning I can tell you that,but that’s the way it goes,when you are playing the mental game.

It’s going to be interesting, to see how he deals with this and how well,he can figure it out, before the season ends.

Tell you what,,

He needs to go read up on Musashi  and his mental battle secrets,to recharge his mental game.

Are you guys noticing how, all the mental tips,that I have been giving you here in this blog, are unfolding right before your eyes!

Also, in a number of ways.

This particular one relates to the fact that,”You can’t take your mental game for granted, ever”.

I don’t care who you are!!

Tennis players can achieve some great success and then in a flash of a moment,their mental game can leave them,and never return again.

I’m not saying that this is going to happen to Kei.

I’m telling you this now,so you can put more effort and energy, into developing a solid mental game and maintaining it throughout your competitive tennis career.

That’s the message here.

I will continue to help you in anyway that I can through this blog, and sign up for the free 7 day trial membership.

Let me help you to get your mental game right.

That’s what I do and I am a expert at coaching it!

3am in kobe and I’m calling you guys out here.

Stop making excuses and get your mental game on!!