Master a Tennis Stroke in 1 Week!

This post is for all players that want to learn how to master a tennis stroke in 1 week, yes, that’s right, only one week, it’s been tested, so it works.

It will require concentration and focus from you and I will show you how to get there mentally.

Tennis 101 states that,” All strokes are created mentally first in the mind.”

Let look at some things you don’t want to do.

You don’t want to force this process, you can’t force yourself to learn a stroke, you can create a learning climate to develop the stroke faster and that is what we are going to do.

Listen carefully guys.

Watch some video of a player, that can produce the stroke that you want to master, Yutube can help you.

Now watch the stroke for about 20 minutes, break it down in your mind, create a clear image of it, then replay the image over and over agin in your mind.

“To produce a stroke in 1 week, you are going to have to use your subconscious mind, make a note of that, you can’t do this consciously.”

Time to hit the court, now the first thing that you have to do, is sit down and watch your breathing(quiet the mind), after you are relax, replay that image that you have of the stroke again,when you feel at peace, start doing some shadow swings, and make sure that you are picturing yourself hitting the same stroke on the video.

After 10 minutes, work the ball machine(or have someone feed you balls), keep adjusting after every swing, when you get frustrated, stop and refocus, have a drink and then get back at it after you have calm down. 

This is your daily practice routine for 1 week.

The one other things that you have to do, is right before you go to sleep, replay the stroke again in your mind, this will have your subconscious mind working on the stroke while you sleep.

Within 3 days you should be seeing some positive results and after a week, the stroke should be yours!

You did it!

Apply this method to any strokes that you want to master.

I will repeat, the stroke is not going to just appear, you have to focus on it by holding the image and doing the reps, after you do your pre-hitting routine.

This method is called IYFT or learning tennis the modern way


How to Build Your Game

Build your game on faith and self-belief, to create a solid foundation for your future in tennis.

I haven’t spoke on this for a while, but now I have one players who is dealing with this, he plays league tennis and he wants to move up on his ladder.

He has the game to do it too, but he allows fear and doubt to prevent him from doing it.

I told him yesterday,” The mind that fears and doubts, repels success”.

“More then 95% of the players today, are letting their doubts and fears keep them stuck in #transformation.”

You want to transform your  tennis game?

Then deepen your self-faith, so you can start doing it.

Build your tennis game on these principles, faith, grit, courage and self-belief.

Concentrate on those characteristics above, until they become a part of your game.

Champions are good builders, many have had to re-build their game too, before they made it, so never build, until you are ready to build right.

The year is coming to an end,so start building your game for next year, and do this today.

Tired of Losing

My main goal with this blog is to help you get your mental game right, so you can stop losing and start winning more matches.

Use these mental tips to get “victory organize”.

Prepare for a match as hard as you can and then see yourself winning it, the visualizing is the key process to get you into a victory state of mind.

“Losing  can become a habit, but only if you let it, many players start attracting more failures through their negative thoughts and then it’s over”.

If you are tired of losing, decide to reject it and that you will become victory organized, that means  turning your back on all your failures, also you have to, stop re-living those matches mentally!(that’s the losers mindset)

Soak your mind with empowering material, until you feel your attitude starts to change.

“Really, all you need to do is start acting like a winner.”

“Play the role, until you become the part.”

Today when you catch yourself saying negative things about yourself, correct yourself.

Concentrate on this for one day, just try to get through that whole day without saying negative things about your game.

Then the next day focus on something else for that day.

By developing these mental habits, you will start to radiate force in your life, this will then empower your game.

“Winners, always win in their minds first.”