Self-Mental Training

Bruce Lee said, “All true knowledge comes from self-learning”.

You must learn through experience.

Also, you must push yourself to the next level, because there are few people that will pull you up there.

It all comes down to self-mental training.

Since your mind is with you all the time,think of this as non-stop self-training.

I mean….

Look at everything as feedback.

Never think of anything as failure and it won’t be!!!

Start watching your yourself really carefully.

Notice your emotional reactions and actions on the court.

Ask yourself.

What are you trying to express out there?

“Tennis is just like life, meaning it is a form of self-expression”.

To reach your full potential, you must be able to fully express yourself on the court.

And this has to be natural.

We talked about it yesterday.

Your true power comes from your breath!!

So, if you want to start self-training yourself….use your breath more to do it.

“Deep breathing will give you a since of self-awareness and with every breath that you take while under pressure ,you take back control”.


The more you do it,the more self-control you will develop over your self.

Keep doing it to you have total self-mastery.

You want total control over your self.

I’ll give you an example.


I was watching some junior matches in Osaka……


90% of the players had no control at all, over their emotions.

They are slaves to their emotions!!

Now, imagine the power you will have over them,if you gain self-mastery?


Tennis is all mental and you are only as good as your mental game is on that giving day!!