How To Develop Great Players

Every tennis coach should be trying to push their players into their greatness.

Your players need to be motivated and you are going to have to stay on them about this constantly in practice.

As for as the motivation part, they will need to have the desire first in them,so you will then need to be able to judge how hungry they are.

I wouldn’t coach a tennis player,if they didn’t show the hunger to be great.

Because you as a coach,want to push yourself into your own greatness and the only way that it will happen for you,is to be developing great players in your program.

Greatness will attracts more greatness.

The 2 feed off one another.

“I read somewhere that, the great coaches in all sports, are actually great cardiologists,meaning they can measure a players heart and desire, before they start coaching them.”

I would agree with this too,now ask yourself this question,,

“How good are you at measuring a player’s heart”?

That’s also your question theme for your whole coaching career.

Start working on that and then start choosing players that have the heart,desire and the passion for playing this game.

I can tell you this, they are out there,you just need to find them.

Your mission is to find them,and start developing them mentally and then push them into their greatness one at a time.

The game of tennis is hurting right now and many players are losing out, because the coaching is so bad.

It’s time that we all get our coaching games on and do our part to raise the level of coaching in tennis.

Imagine if we all committed to doing this from today, what would happen?

We could take tennis to a whole new level and we could help millions of tennis players become great.

I’m ready for it,how about you?

Well, please join me on my mission and do your part.

Thanks to all the coaches who commit to doing this too!!