Stay In The Flow

In practice or in a match, make sure that you get and stay in the flow on the court.

With whatever is happening.

Don’t fight it.

Keep your mental balance and adjust to how you are playing……. on that day.

We are talking Mushin Tennis here.

Mushin Tennis is freeing yourself from thoughts and playing in the moment.

Without even trying to.

“So, the first step is to be like water”.

Be adaptable and master every moment on the court and off it, until you are in the flow.

This takes practice.

The key is to never get frustrated or agitated while doing it.

And if you do.

Catch yourself and correct yourself, then mentally move on, and don’t dwell on it!!!

I’m telling you how to develop the Munshin Mindset first now.


I often see players trying to do this in matches, but they are always in their own way.

Your first step in this development is to get out of your own way and allow the process to begin and work out on its own.

Practice every day for 2 months.

Commit to this 2 month period and you should have it down to a science.


Read about Mushin as much as you can on the internet and become a student of Budo Training.

Staying in the flow, while playing tennis.

Is understanding that.

Thought is your biggest energy thief in the world.

“I would always keep that in the back of your mind too”.

See, once you develop the mushin mindset, you will get in the flow, on your command and without even trying.

That is why this mental state is so powerful!!

For playing and competing at a high level in matches.