How To Align Your Goals

Hey,whats’s up guys?

What type of week did you have?

For me, it was just another day in kansai,japan.

The countdown is on for many players and people, because the year, is coming to an end.

I hope you had a great season and that you took some positive steps, in the directions of your tennis goals and achieved a few of them along the way too.

In this post,I want to talk about how you can align your goals with your purpose in life.

Like developing a better net game or transition game, so you can win more matches.

You could refocus on developing a better mental game,so you can win your conference or state title.

How about becoming the player of the year,to get college coaches attention and be able to get a tennis scholarship.

Here is a great one.

Get a tennis scholarship, to save my parents some money for their own retirement.(They would love that one,wouldn’t they)

This is how you align your goals with your purpose and you gain clarity and inner power from doing this…..

Your goals need to be thought out in strategic ways.

That means spending a lot of time alone, in concentrated thought and meditation.

See the problem here is this,,,

Many of you don’t want to be alone with yourself.

Get over it.

“One of the best things, that you can do from today, is learn how to sit quietly by yourself for 30 minutes a day and figure out what you really want from playing tennis.”

I mean,find out( why you are really playing the game).

And you know how I know that this works?

Because I did the same thing myself, when I played as a junior!!

Your goal is to find out what your main purpose is for playing tennis and then align your goals with that vision.

Print out this post and post it up!!

And read it again a few times before 2017.

Let’s finish the year the right way,so you will be ready to roll next year!!