The Mental Warm-Up

I wrote about the mental warm-up a while back and I wanted to revisit it today,because I was sent an email yesterday,stating that the reader couldn’t understand how to use it in matches.

So, this post is for him.

With the mental warm-up,you can use it anywhere and at anytime.

It works like this,,

“Get by yourself,close your eyes and focus on your breath,and don’t try to control your thoughts at first,just focus all your energy on your breath,then when your thoughts slow down.”

Affirm the outcome that you want.

Visualize it with emotion and then release it.

And that’s it!!

Oh sorry,then keep doing it again and again after every point.

See how you can use this mental warm-up before points,serving and also your matches.

For the record.

This is the most powerful mental technique you can learn from anyone.

Also,this mental technique,will give you a sense of self-control over your nerves and emotions in matches.

Which is exactly the feeling that you want during play.

To the reader.

I hope that clears it up for you and keep reading the blog.

Thanks for the support too!!