Tennis Quote of the Day

Guys it’s about 5 pm here in Kobe and I just got back to my room after an all day seminar, so today I’m just going to give you a quote to stew over until tomorrow.

This is from one of my favorite writers and I have a few too, but post this one up and try to look at it as often as you can, to make sure the meaning is getting through to you.


“Walk, talk and act as though you were already the man you long to be, and you are unconsciously putting into operation, unseen forces that bend circumstances to the accomplishment of your WILL!”

Make that your tennis goal today.

Read that  one over and over, until it finally sinks in and you start living it.

Yes, that is the mental model of the world class tennis players!

And, I’ll be back at you guys tomorrow.

IYFT The Book

Hope you guys were feeling me yesterday, as you could sense, there was a touch of frustration inside of me, that I needed to get out, you see, tennis is my passion and when you see players not respecting the game the way they should be, it can get to you.

Now let’s talk about how the book is doing and the positive feedback that I have been getting from people who have read it. Here is a quote that I saw on Amazon.

“It was an easy read, also worth the money, for adult and junior players that want better results from their matchplay”, end of quote(That’s exactly what I was trying to do).

I have been getting many positive emails from people who have read it, so if you haven’t yet, now is a good time to do it.

I kept the book short, because I want players to be able to use it as a mini handbook to carry on court and refer to it before and during their matches.

Also the book it all meat and no hype!There is enough information coming at you daily, so I thought why not just give players what they need and nothing else.

This book can transform your tennis game, by helping you finally get your mental game together, because at the end of the day, to win more matches, you have to become more mentally tough, I think you would agree with me on that right?

Great, click the link and start playing tennis in a whole new world!

Play Tennis With True Intention

Let’s get right into it today with this post, I’m tired of hearing the same excuses when I give these tennis seminars and clinics for juniors around Kansai, so today’s post is going to set the record straight for all of you tennis players.

The reason I’m writing this today,is because I’m sick of seeing coaches baby these players just to keep their jobs.

Ready, play tennis with true intention from now on,until the end of your career, this means that you have a plan,and you are committed to seeing your plan through(no matter what) and you affirm your plan, before you step out on court every day.

Few tennis players play with true intention in their matches, they just go through the motions and they depend on others to show or motivate them, so I am calling them all out here today on their BS and saying stop it already!

Ask yourself this question,how much passion did you play with in your last match? How about your last practice? Did you know, the amount of passion that you bring to the court, will effect how much you get done on it.

One mom called me a “No nonsense coach the other day” and I smiled and thanked her!(even though it’s not true)

These kids are too soft and spoil these days and coaches and parents need to set them straight, because see this is about building character, which is going to help them after their playing career is over.

This is going to help them win in the game of life, which is the most important game they are ever going to play!

So, just to make sure we are on the same page here, start playing tennis with true intention from today, you can start in practice, make every workout count and at the start of each month, sit down and evaluate your progress and make adjustments.

Again, let me make this clear to you, no more wasting time on court, play with true intention or get out the game!

Stop fooling yourself and get serious about discovering your game.

You owe this to yourself and the game of tennis!

And with that being said, I’m out!!!