Modern Tennis Training

I have been studying the most successful people in tennis and in business for the pass 18 years.

Now, I haven’t always stayed congruent with their actions mind you,but I’m still working on it,just like you are or should be doing.

So, what I came up with from my observation is,,,

“A modern way to train for tennis competition,that I think is the most effective way for all competitive tennis players to train daily.”

I have already tested it out on many junior players too,but of course,you will need and want to try this same training method out for yourself.

Please don’t pass any judgement,until you test it out on court.

At least,promise me that okay?

What am I talking about here?

I’m talking about how to train in the modern way.

It’s creating a clear image of the player that you want to become in your mind and then clinging to that image during your training,until it becomes a reality for you on court.

Think of this type of modern day training as,,,

“Playing in the ideal,until you can do it for real on court.

That’s modern tennis training for YOU.

When you are training in the ideal,everything is perfect and you will ignore all mistakes and negative emotions in practice,this will help you conserve your energy,so you can then direct it to whatever you are working on in practice,at any giving moment.

Even when you are training on court, it’s a mental process.

Whatever you focus on,your energy will flow there.

You must keep that in mind when training everyday.

The sad thing is,very few tennis coaches are teaching their players with this concept though.

They focus too much on techniques and mechanics in practice and this won’t help the player in their matches.

Modern tennis training is keeping it simple,because if it isn’t,it’s not going to work for the player in the long run.

And this is why I came up with IYFT.

That stands for,,

In Your Face Tennis.

The audiobook should be out in 2 weeks too guys!!

So, keep your eyes open for it!!