The Success Current

Get your vibrations flowing in the  positive direction today, this will put you into the success current and then you can discover your game.

Players that are losing  matches now, need to open up their minds and let go of all things that are stoping them from getting into a successful current.

Tennis is about competition, so embrace it, and  stop running from it.

Players  get and stay stuck,by not being able to face up to the fact that they don’t like competing.

I’m guilty of this too, but the minute I admitted it to myself, and faced it head on, I discover that I really enjoyed it and  that competition can be fun, it also can and will build character.

I just heard an american pro choked the other day  in a tournament and the coach  who was watching it with his players,said that one of them turned to him and asked” Aren’t we suppose to copy the pros”?

My answer to that kid would have been, “Yea, but pros like Novak, who are true warriors”.

To get into the success current, first admit your weak points, then focus on the opposite for 21 days, and don’t do anything else until you get this done, well, that’s if you are serious about becoming a Champion.

After those 21 days your game is going to be flowing in the right direction and you are going to be playing effortless tennis.


Because you will be in the success current with your vibrations.The success current is when your energy is flowing.

Coaching in the US is in a bad state, they just don’t get it,that tennis is and always will be a  mental sport and until you get your mental game together, you are not going to win.

Success in tennis requires you to stay in harmony with your game, so your energy can flow and allow you to create  and re-create in matches.

This is an important post for you, so come back to it later!


Anger Management

This is the biggest problem facing coaches and players,the question is how do you deal with anger?

I think it is a life long challenge and you will never get completely over it, so except it and try to manage it as best you can.

Anger and  fear are always trying to destroy your concentration in a match.

To be able to deal better with anger,mentally step outside of yourself and become aware of what and why something is making you angry.

Then you will realize that the things that are making you angry are not important at all and only effect your game if you let it.

The best remedy  for anger is to pause and think before you react, that gives you enough time to be aware of how you are responding to something, then you can release it, you can form this mental habit in practice, then it will carry over into your matchplay.

Anger management is what most juniors players need to work on,because most of them are slaves to their emotions.

Coaches should video tape juniors and club players and show it back to them later, this can be so embarrassing to them, that most will stop after they see how stupid they look on tape.

This tip can help both coaches and players, but one thing to remember is that, you have to want to change, most people know they should control their temper more, but they lack willpower, so they don’t.

How about you?

And please don’t say, “I can’t do this”, just say to yourself ” I will do my best to control my anger for the next month”.

Then, do it!


Your Mental Blueprint

All tennis players carry around this mental blueprint of their tennis game, and until they change this image, they will continue to struggle.

This self-image of your game, can be very strong, because it imprints itself on a subconscious level, and then it can be almost impossible to change.

This is why you should never think of your game as inferior and it won’t be.

I see great players with potential in tournaments, who know how to play the game, but their mental blueprint is out of tuned, so they can’t flow with the game.

To change your blue print, you have to dive into the depth of your being, and I mean that,  keep questioning yourself, until you find out what’s holding you back and let go of it.

Tennis players like to play mental games with themselves, but until they get serious about changing their blueprint, they are not going to see the results.

What I am saying is, this is all on you, so what are you going to do.

The amazing thing is about this,is we can all take our tennis game to another level, if we would just show courage to change our mental blueprint, to free our minds and allow our games to flow.

I will let you figure out the rest of this as you go along your self-journey,but  first have that inner conversation with yourself tonight and get it all on paper.

I’ll talk at you guys tomorrow!