Mental Discord

I was watching a high school tennis team train yesterday,and it  made me want to write this post today.

Juniors need to be taught how to think on court and of course their off court habits carry over to their tennis game.

Tennis player focus on mistakes and errors too much, so they can’t find their flow.

Mental discord prevents players from reaching their full potential, let’s really get into this.

“Thoughts attract other similar thoughts, they then effect our feeling and play on court.

To flow with your game, will yourself to stop thinking about the things that you fear,and stop thinking about that last lost.

I knew a teacher, who made a classic statement about one player one day, he said, “Sean is still in last week”, he relived a match for 2 weeks!

But, that’s the power, that tennis has over all of us.

This is were warrior meditation comes in.

You can only hold one thought at a time, so persistently replace those negative ones, with more empowering ones.

It takes awareness and focus.

It’s a process too, we have to train our minds.

“Mental discord” is the part of tennis that is holding you back.

And until you fix it, you will never reach your potential.

The answer again is warrior meditation, you should have read the previous post and be on day number 2.

Guys stick with it, and you will get it.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Also,congrats to Ito for knocking out Wawrinka!

Stroke Production

“Repetitions will produce the stroke, your job during the repetitions, is to get a feel for the stroke by adjusting after every swing.”

Here are two examples for you, if you are taking lessons now, stop focusing on techniques and mechanics and re-direct that energy for getting a better FEEL for the stroke.

I have told you time and time again, tennis is a feel game, nothing more and repetitions develop the mechanics.

Coaches aren’t using this modern way of teaching the game and as a result, students have a hard time learning it.

So, let me repeat this again to you.

For faster stroke production, start with the image, then work the repetitions to death, until you get a feel for the shot, the reps will produce the mechanics, so take it easy and concentrate on perfecting your feel for the stroke.

Then move on the the next one.

Oh yeah. never get frustrated when learning a stroke, when frustrations sets in, take a break, get a drink and relax.

After you clear your head, start back in on the reps.

By doing this, you will actually discover the stroke faster.

Second example, if you are an advance players, throw everything your coach taught you out the door and start working on getting a better feel for what style of play best suits your game.

In practice, work on different patterns of play,the goal is to find out which ones feel better for you during points, also play more points in practice.

You should be working on strokes that can help you improve your matchplay, go about this, one stroke at a time, until your own it.

And don’t forget to focus on improving your mental game every practice.

The strokes will take care of themselves, as your feel improves, so will your game.

Time for me  to go teach,but I hope we are clear on this issue!

The Warrior System

The last two posts have been about teaching you how to dominate your opponent, now to  help you be able to do that, let’s cover the warrior system today.

The become a tennis warrior, implement a system that will turn you into one.

Tennis warriors don’t only control their emotions and thoughts,but they dominate them, this is why there are so few true tennis warriors out there now.

The system that works the best is warrior meditation, the system is very tough and you may not be able to do it, but if you can, you will start feeling and playing like a  tennis warrior in 2 months.

It works like this, you have to unlearn the negative self-concept that you have of your mental game by going into meditation and seeing yourself playing that same match you lost differently, I know, it’s sound crazy, but you have to reprogram your now negative self-concept of your matchplay.

Here is the deal folks, you keep choking under pressure in your matches, because of the self-concept that you have right now and until you change it, you will continue to choke and that’s no joke!

Start meditating more first(learn this), then when you can do it for longer periods of time, you want to start doing warrior meditation and it has to be for at least 30 minutes, also, do it longer if you can.


Because the more you see yourself playing like a warrior and feeing like one in your mind, your game will follow.

One more thing, tennis warriors never think about negative people or mistakes, they meditate on the type of players that they long to be and that’s all.

Okay, right now you guys have enough info. to get to that next level.

But are you ready to?

Keep me posted!