How Efficient Are You In Practice

The key to getting more stuff done in practice and becoming more efficient as a competitive tennis player is……..

Focused Concentration.

Most tennis player’s have a weak ability to concentrate on court.

Their attention span is too short,due to iphones,ipads and ipods and a ton of distractions!!

And since you really win your matches in practice.

They can’t leverage their practice time.

To play the mental game better, you must know how it is being played.

Think deeply on the following questions daily.

How can I get more efficient in practice tomorrow?

How can I develop a more focused concentration level?

How can I maximize my time out there?

Those are 3 questions, that you need to answer after every practice.

By doing this.

“You will start operating in excellence over a time period,of doing it consistently everyday”.


Match play will become much easier and easier for you, to mentally deal with!!

You can bank on that too.