Today’s Tennis Update

Sorry to be coming at you guys so late,I promise to write a post a day so let me give you a quote to think about.

“Become a success magnet by having successful thoughts, thoughts are forces, so pay attention to what your thoughts are at all times.”

Also, check back in with me tomorrow and I will get into this subject more,you need to be correcting your thoughts, until you can master them.

It’s 11 pm here and  I’m signing out for now.

Check back in with me later today and we can get more into this subject.

Good night!

Forming the Right Mental Image

Again as I have told you many times, if you are implementing these mental tennis tips that I am giving you, you should be seeing some good results from your matches,and  feel free to leave a comment below, to make sure we are on the same page with this concept.

Today we are going to get back to what IYFT is based on, “Which is forming the right mental image for your game and playing in it, until you become it.”

You are always playing up to the image that you have of your  tennis game.

When your mental image is weak of your matchplay, you can’t generate the  concentrated  mental power that you need to compete at a high level.

“The first thing all players should find out is that, through concentration, you can become whatever you want.”

Then once you know that, you will concentrate better and then you will FEEL it.

I know through my self research in this mental sport topic that, “Every tennis players can turn their game around in 21 days, if they just form the right mental picture, then play it out”.

I would love to help you guys too, and here is a small nugget for you to meditate on.

In deep concentration, also know as supra-consciousness, you become link to the creative spirit of the universe.

Figure that one out, and you will become a Champion!

Are You 3 Feet From Your Goal

“He who has a firm will, creates his world,”Goethe.

“People don’t lack strength, they lack will”, Victor Hugo.

We always quit, when we are about 3 feet from our goals.

You know there is one thing to want something, but it takes a strong will to hang in there, until you get it.

I’m not telling you something here, that you don’t already know, just trying to get you to stop playing games with yourself.

To all of you, who have reached your tennis goals for this year, congrats.

And to the rest of you guys, don’t stop 3 feet from your goal.

I’ll share with you a quote that I have posted up on my wall in my bedroom, I read it every time I walk pass it too.

“There is no such thing as failure to the man that does his best.”

As a tennis player what does that tell you?

“That if you gave 100%  mental effort in a match and lost it, that you can still walk off the court  feeling like a winner.”

That’s your playing theme for your career, note it down.

I just wish more parents and coaches would get their kids and players to buy into this  powerful mindset for playing matches and stop letting them cheat to try to make it.

No more excuses okay, and don’t stop on the 3 yard line from your goal, cross the goal for christ sakes!

It’s about time to get pumped up for 2015!