The 2 Shot Set-Up

Nishikori is playing some solid tennis on clay in Spain, I had a chance to watch his match yesterday and like what I saw, man, he dominated that match from start to finish.

Now that’s what I call”In Your Face Tennis”.

He is using some of the same concepts I will be sharing with you guys over the next week in this blog.

Yesterday we talked about the “One Shot” on every point that every tennis player has and  Kei  was using this  same concept yesterday, and he was dominating the match by doing it.

“He also used what we are going to be talking about today, which is called, the “” 2 shot set-up”, were you  look to set your opponent up on the first shot, then you finish them off, on the second one.”

The 2 shot point can be a serve and then wining volley or a dipping shot to an opponent, then a clean pass after or also a powerful down the line approach shot, then a winning cross court volley.

To become an all-around player, practice these combinations and also work on others in practice.

“Be patience with yourself too, because at first, many of these patterns will be hard to develop in practice.”

You need to get in as many repetitions  as you can and also have the nerve to try these 2 shot set ups in matches.

Many of you may have a problem with going for too much, too soon on points, so try looking to set up your opponent more and let the first shot do it for you.

In matches, use the “one shot” concept, with the “2 shot set up” and use them at the right times, and your matchplay results will speak for themselves.

I also think Kei, is going to take the title today.

 Tomorrow, I will be getting into some more great matchplay tips for you guys.

One Shot Tennis

I’m going to be introducing you  guys to a few concepts for your matchplay for the next week or so, take some notes and try them out as some as you can in practice..

“I don’t care how much you maybe struggling now with your mental game, there is still more potential inside of you and you are going to have to make that mental leap to find it by yourself.”

Use this blog to help get you  there mentally.

Today’s tip is called, “One shot tennis”.

In every point there will be an opportunity to go for your shot and finish the point off, so be ready when it comes and be willing to pull the trigger.

The pros are great at doing this, they hit that big serve and then they go for their “one shot” and the point is over.

Modern tennis now is  hitting heavy spin or kick serves, follow by a run around backhand,  and then a powerful forehand winner.

Work on building explosive leg strive and use the ground to gain more leverage and power on your strokes.

“You want quick and choppy steps working for you while setting up for this shot, then line it up and crack it.”

Don’t over think on this shot,work on it in practice, until you own it.

I love the one shot concept too, because you get a lot of quick and easy points in matches, which helps you get in the flow.

In your matches, you don’t want to rush things, but you also don’t want to pass up opportunities to win the point outright.

Okay, tomorrow, we will continue this conversation!

Finding The Tennis Player Inside of You

All tennis players have a authentic game inside of them and the the goal of every players should be to discover it and and express it on court.

The first thing you have to do, is look at the attitude you are bringing to the court, because that’s  going to be your foundation,  that you want to build your matchplay game around.

The thing is, you can’t just be positive some of the time, you have to be positive all the time,positive mindsets, always beats negative mindsets.


“Because a positive is stronger then a negative!”

“The Champions wake up everyday, committed to be positive and keeping their mental game at a high level.”

Next thing you need to do, is let your body tell you what type of game best suits your style of play,tennis being a feel game, use your intuition to lead you there.

Go with the flow and see where it takes you in practice.

And last thing you need to do is, surrender to the sport,let go of all the emotional baggage that you are taking to the court with you.

Players work hard on improving in practice, but at the same time, they hold on to their failures from previous matches.

“It happens in the pros too, one lost can break the fighting spirit of a great player to the point were, they never are able to mentally recover from it.”

Tennis is the best sport in the world and when you are committed to being a student of the game, you end up finding your own authentic game.

Whatever you do, don’t just be in the game, have a plan and constantly be reviewing and adjusting that plan, until you discover it.

Okay guys,I’m going to go enjoy  some of this great weather in the city with my son!!

Have a great practice!!