Success Takes Time

“It is through consistent individual effort that we reach success”

Tennis players don’t want to or don’t have the courage to do this, yes success does take time.

So learn the system, then work the system.

After every practice write down how you think you played, and try to step outside of yourself and discover what you need to work on in your next practice, then get more reps in the next time out there.

If you get the reps in and do them with true intentions, you  should feel as though your game is constantly improving.

When we see players playing a lot, but not improving, it is because they are not playing with true intentions on court.

I see many players falling into this trap too.

Work on your game and focus on building up your mental game at the same time.

The player that can concentrate on every possibility for their game, is the one who can make tennis look like an art form.

Being successful in tennis is just like everything else in life,you have to work at it and have  faith that you can do it.

Hope you completed the 7 day challenge and now I want you to take this post and print it out so you can refer back to it later.

The idea here is to stop looking to cut corners and give more self-effort towards improving your game, and that’s the Champions mindset.

We got Tsonga vs Murray playing now, so I’m going to get into this match.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Billie Jean King

This women here had the grit and the vision, but also the determination to build the WTA(Which was the Virginia Slims at first), just watched her documentary that a friend sent me and all women tennis players need to study the history of their tour.

I must admit I didn’t know the major role she played in creating the WTA tour and I  would like to apologies for that, let me add, I will educate all of my junior and adults players about how the women tour was started.

Because I can bet you a million dollars that most young female tennis players don’t  even know who laid the ground work for them to be able to earn the millions that they do today.

King showed character and leadership when the women needed it the most and during a time when women were fighting for  equal rights, this women is a living legend let me tell you.

Tennis reveals and builds character, but this women already had it.

As a tennis junkie and a life-long student of the game, I would like to thank her for all she done for women tennis and tennis in general.

All up and coming  women players need to be taught the history of their tour and that starts with Billie Jean King.

Without King, there is no WTA (this women made the tour), I think she needs to get more respect too, and after you watch this documentary, you are going to agree with me.

Enjoy the doc!

Activate Your Mental Power

The best way to activate your mental powers is to verbalize your affirmations to yourself out loud, until you feel them.

This will allow you to be able to reprogram your subconscious mind.

You have to get into a habit of repeating your affirmations all day or they won’t have any  positive affect on your mental game.

To tap into your mental powers, you will have to use the “law of subconscious activity”, were you repeat affirmations consciously to yourself all day and then they will be accepted by your subconscious mind.

But it gets even better after that, because your subconscious mind will pass them on to your “Superconscious mind” and it will start to work on your tennis goals 24/7.

The Champions have figure this out either consciously or unconsciously.

Tennis is one mental sport that you have to learned how to activate your mental powers on your own.

95% of players don’t use their mental powers and they bring a weak mindset to the court.

As I have been stressing to you throughout this blog, you must take full control over your  mental game, by using your subconscious mind.

By the way, this is a great tip to help you with that 7 day challenge I gave you.

Try to response positive to every error or mistake  you have on court, make the needed adjustments and  then move on to the next point.

At the US Open, Federer and Nishikori are looking good so far, and that Raonic vs Nishikori match tomorrow is going to be a good one folks.

Raining here in Kobe today, so I’m going to get some reading in.

Make it a great day for yourself!