The Musashi Playing Concept

Listen up closely guys, because this is a post for all competitive tennis players,that want to start winning the mental battle in their matches.

I am a big fan of Musashi Miyamoto.

Who was the greatest samurai swordsman of his time in Japan’s history.

His mental power was that.

He always adapted to his opponent and he was great at getting into their heads before and during his fights and knowing their reactions.

You need to adopt this same playing style for your matches.

Know you opponents better than they know themselves and plan your strategies from there.

And make sure that you do whatever you have to do,to get in their heads.

This takes daily practice from you.

Practice mental warfare training everyday.

“Start by gaining self-mastery over your emotions and feeling,because until you do,you can never gain control over other people’s feelings.”

Musashi Strategies of war.

Never emotionally be attach to winning,study your opponents like a hawk and find a way to mentally break them down, before the match even starts and last tip, be formless with your play.

Do all that and stay on top of your mental game.

And you will be winning more matches fast, with less effort!!

This is not easy though.

This will take constant concentration,meditation and self-awareness.

But it it is worth it my friend!!

Think deeply on this post and let’s talk more tomorrow.