Start Harnessing Your Energy

Hey what’s up guys?

I watched Karlovic serve Steve right off the court yesterday.

It must be tough to return his serve,I mean,the guy is like 6 ft. 10!!

He will face Monfils in the finals at the Citi Open today and that should be a good match and I plan on watching it too.

I’m going to follow up yesterday’s post with a tip on how to start harnessing your energy more off the court,so you can start having more mental energy on the court.

But before we get into that.

Make sure that you become aware of how you are using your energy most of the time.

It’s starts with self-awareness.

And this is what I would do,if I were a competitive player today.

I would only choose things that would empower me.

Make every thought count, because with every thought that you have, you are either weakening your mental game or empowering it.

Nothing is neutral with thought.

The connection is that,”Thought is energy,so you can use up more energy by staying home and thinking, than another person can, who is outside playing tennis all day”.

“You have to take full control over your thoughts or you will continue to waste more energy on people and things that don’t serve you.”

Get clear about what you want and then start focusing all your energy on that and nothing else.

I was listening to the first round draft pick last night for the NBA.

And he said that from the age of 7,he started visualizing his future self in the NBA!!

That’s the power of Creative Visualization,that is backed up with constant affirmation.

The point is,whatever you focus on,your energy goes,so focus on your tennis goals 90% of the time!!