Winning Matches In Practice

The way you practice tennis on a daily basis, will determine your matchplay results.

Players that bring mental effort sometimes and then don’t on other days, struggle to play solid consistent tennis.

Same thing happens on the tour for men and women.

Change the way you look at practice and you can change your results in your matches.

To become more efficient in practice try a few of these tips here-

A.)”Don’t start practice until you are mentally ready to play.”

I like to have my players do some deep breathing for about 10 minutes or so,then after they breathe away their stress from the day, we get at it.


B.)”Have your plan written down and check it again before you start practice.”

Concentrate on what you are working on one step at a time.

You can improve your concentration by using the “Refocus Technique”, until you can improve your concentration level.

Use the refocus technique all the time, this is the one skill, that can have you playing more in the moment.

This technique requires you to,”Always be bringing yourself back to the present moment, when you lose focus”.

It sound simple, but it is  a very powerful method for players who are mentally struggling in practice.

Copy how the pros practice.

The top ranked players have some of the most intense workouts that you will ever see!

Here is another great tip you should try.

“If you get a chance to, go to the early rounds of a Grand Slam tournament and watch the pros practice.”

I did it twice at the US Open and took tons of notes.

The pros know that when it comes to staying on top of their “mental game”, they have to bring it with them to practice and they have to bring it with them everyday.

My studies with the “mental game”, have shown me that,”When players start being more productive in practice, their matchplay results start improving.

Okay, let’s talk some more tomorrow.


I fell a sleep last night watching Paul Kohlschreiber put a beat down on Soeda, but I just read that Kei won, so my japanese friends will be happy to hear that.

Hey guys, play some great tennis today!!

A Good Matchplay Theme

It’s about 5 pm here in kobe and it’s a great sunday  for playing tennis too.

The French Open starts today, so I’m looking forward to watching some great tennis for the next 2 weeks on clay.

“I was  trying to think of a good matchplay theme for you guys  for the next month or so and I think I came up with one.”

How’s this?

Your matchplay theme for the next month should be,”Make them work for every point, then make them work harder for the next point”.

When playing  matches, you have to have a theme that you play by.

Go into your next match, with this  “Warrior Theme” in mind and stick with it throughout the match.

“Forget about looking good or going for winners,also forget about winning for a while.”

Concentrate with all the mental effort  that you can, on this theme right here.

“Make them work for it.”

Your matches will play out like this with this theme-

When you make your opponent work for every point in a match, they will mentally quit over time.

You won’t face that many players who are willing and ready to play hard on every point.

The higher you go up in the ranking, the more you will have to step up your mental game, but you will also keep mentally getting stronger with your ranking, so no worry there.

IYFT is playing every point, with all out mental effort, then doing it again and again, until you break down your opponents willpower to compete.

Okay guys, back to work for me.

Play great today!!

The Return Game

“To improve your serve return game, you need to work on your hand and eye coordination in practice more”.

The best returners  in tennis,have had some of the best hands and eyes in the game.

This stroke should be adjusted to the speed of the serve, so the faster your opponent serves at you, the more compact you have to be with your returns.

In practice have someone blast serves at you from the service line and make sure you try to stand inside the baseline to return them.


Because like I just told you, you want to be working on improving your hand and eye skills in practice.

The return of serve and the serve, are the two most important shots in tennis, but the least worked on in practice by players.

By working on your return game for a extra 30 minutes for 2 months,you will start breaking your opponent’s serve more often.

“And in matchplay, having a solid return game, just puts that much more pressure on your opponents in matches”.

Okay,I need to go teach now guys.

I just wanted to get this quick tennis tip in today!

Have a great workout too!