Why Are You Playing Tennis

That is a simple and direct question for YOU, yet,few players ever ask themselves this question and few coaches ever ask this question to their own players.

I guess they take it for granted!

I was asked this question by my 4th coach,the first 3 didn’t even bother to ask me!


Can you guys believe that?

Come on,be honest with me here.

How many times,have you just sat down and ask yourself this question.

Why am I really playing tennis?

“The reason why this question is so important for you, is because it can help you shift your mindset to playing on purpose and with true intentions.”

Before every practice.

What are your intentions?

Do you have a game plan written out?

Is it thought through?

Start contemplating these types of questions before every practice or match.

Approach tennis like a chess player would.

Stay 3 to 4 steps ahead of the game,and think through all of your strategies,before you try them.

This will allow you to FEEL more in control over your mental game and your emotions on court.

You want to feel as though, you are in control over every moment that you have on court and off court.

So,the question of the day is,,

Why are you playing tennis?

“Find out the real reason(probe) and then re-commit yourself to playing everyday with all out passion,purpose and concentration.”

Do that today.

Keep doing it daily, and in 2 months,you will be a totally different tennis player.

Tennis players who go through their career and never do this,end up never really reaching their full potential.

Which is a fact too.

Takes some time today and get your head out of your back side and start asking these questions,because it can be some of the best use of your time my friend!!

I’ll talk with you guys tomorrow!