Whatever It Takes

I’m a big fan of Grant Cardone, the guy is on fire with the message he is bringing to the public now and here it is,”Just do whatever it takes to succeed”, enough with the excuses.

Do you  really want to start winning more matches?

“Then do whatever it takes to win more.”

Want to control your emotions more in matches?

Then do whatever it takes to dominate them.

Coaches need to imprint this “relentless mindset” on everyone of their players.

There is no need to make our job more complicated then it is, get this through to them and stay on top of them about making it happen.

Every players has to be ready to do whatever it takes to become a” Champion” and if they are, their efforts will be crowned.

It’s about time for coaches to cut to the chase and start getting right to the heart of the matter with their students.

And if the player isn’t prepared to do this, move on the next one who is.

This is how you develop a IYFT type of player.

Talk with you guys tomorrow.

Get Some Post It Notes.

I got this tip from the book called the “Sales Bible”, were you buy some post it notes and post up your goals, big and small were you can see them and read them at least twice a day.

I love this idea too, because it keeps our goals in front of our faces, doing this actually forces you to act.

You will get tired of just reading them and you will be force to take some type of  action

And that’s what happen to me.

Nov. is coming and I was thinking to myself”How many of my goals for this year, did I reach?

Only half of them and the reason is I was trying to do to much, the best way to achieve a goal after you have written it down and posted it up is to focus you that one goal, until you reach it, if you are distracted or working on too many goals at the the same time, you won’t reach any of them.

My plan from today, is to concentrate all my mental energy to one goal at a time and make sure I get at least one thing done a day, that gets me closer to my goal.

Today get you some post it notes, if you don’t have any, go get some.

By the way,we don’t need to wait for two  months, like most people are going to do, let’s start taking action now.

The funny thing is how many tennis player think that they will achieve success, without goals that are written down, “You can’t hit that goal, if you can’t see it”!

Get the jump on the rest of the people, who are waiting for the new year to start and have a great 2015!!!

Test it, Then Use it.

“The one thing that has helped me to stay up-to-date on my coaching methods is to test it, then use it.”

Expose yourself to new information daily, then test it out the next day.

The coaching rule is this, ” never knock it, until you try it.

Here in Japan, coaches get set in their teaching ways and they continue to coach the same old way for their whole life, that’s why it was good that Kei Nishikori went abroad and we can see the results that it has had on his tennis career.

There is no way he could have gotten that type of success, if he would have stayed here.

I must point out too, that some of my best coaching tips have came from coaches outside  of tennis.

Be open to all ideas that can help you become a better coach, no matter where they come from.

If there is one thing that I can give credit to my success up to this point, it is testing and then implementing new coaching method into my program.

Today take a look at your  tennis program and start trying this out yourself.

My personal mission in tennis, is to become the best mental coach that I can be, so I’m going to keep learning, testing and sharing.

And you can bet on that, now make it a great day for yourself!