Take Your Time

During play, play at your pace, there is no reason to rush things, get a good look at every point,and play it on your terms, this will help you to get into the flow with the match.

Start every match with this mindset, then when you find your timing, turn up the heat on your opponent.

Tennis is a feel game, to get a better feel for your game, take more time between points, clear your head and refocus on the next point.

I watched a player today, just rush through a match and she lost it because of her actions.

Junior players should slow things down, to be able to handle their nerves better.

If you find it difficult to get in the flow with your matches, try slowing it down and see what happens.

The year is coming to a end, and we won’t be seeing Nadal, sad to hear it too.

It’s going to come down to Novak and Fed, but maybe Kei can have something to say about that.

Check in with me tomorrow for more mental tips.

Your Unseen Power

Hey what’s up guys, just got in  from a very productive day and wanted to touch base with you.

Today’s tip is this, learn “Theaters of The Mind, to be able to tap into your unseen powers”.

Answer this question.

When you picture your game, what do you see?

“Whatever you see, is who you will be!”

To improve the image that you have of your game, learn “Theater of The Mind”by Maxell Maltz, it’s a concept were you relax by focusing on your breath for 5 to 10 minutes,and when you come to a peaceful state of mind, picture the new you,this is the player that you long and want to be, from there, hold that picture as long as you can.


The longer you can hold that picture, the faster you will become it.

You need to do this for at  least 21 days.

Before you can tap into your unseen powers, you need to change your self-image.

So when you have done this, nothing is going to stop you.

The secret of all secrets is that, most tennis players don’t use even 30 % of their mental capacity, this means they waste 70% of it.

But that doesn’t have to be the case with you.

Master this strong concept called” Theaters of The Mind”.

This is really all you need to become a true Champion and I mean that!

I’ll be back at you guys tomorrow.

What is a Tennis Warrior?

A tennis warrior is playing every point all out, they know that every point is a chance to turn the match around and this is their mindset throughout the match, tennis warriors never let up.

They  learn how to will themselves to victory.

Also, tennis warriors are made, not born.

Anyone can become a tennis warrior  if  they apply themselves.

Take every chance you get from now on, to improve your mental game, do something(anything) daily to get more mentally tough.

I get upset when I talk and listen to players who say they want to become tennis warriors, then do nothing about  it.

Talk is cheap, action is power.

I challenge  you,to challenge yourself more,and  see what you are made of, there is power inside of all of us, that is just waiting to come out, why not let it out now.

It’s 4 pm in Kobe, and I’m getting ready to hit some balls with my son.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.