Make Every Moment Count!

“Make sure that you make every moment that you spend on court count for something, this could be a match or in practice,it’s all about the mental  effort and the intensity and passion  that you bring with you to the court.”

When player do this, they empower themselves to give even more mental effort and get more done,these are also the  tennis players that are more lucky in their careers.

Tennis success formula (Daily Hard work+ mental effort= Luck and  Tennis Goals.)

Look at it like this then-

Make every moment  in practice count.

Make every moment in school or at work count.

Make every moment in a match count for something.

Study the Champions, because this is exactly what they do in every moment of their careers!

“They don’t waste time on court or off it, even when they relax, they are refreshing their bodies and mind to get back out there and compete at a  high level.”

So check it out,”Start making every moment you spend on court and off it, count for something and  that helps you get closer to your goals.

“This tennis tip right here, can give you the keys, to unlock the door to your full potential as a player.”

Discovering Your Tennis Game

We all have our own unique style of playing tennis and the goal for every tennis players is to discover their own authentic style of play.

Just think for a moment about all the past and present Champions of this game and their unique styles of play, from Borg, to Pete, and now Novak and Federer.

They all have their own styles and they are very effective with using them on court.

In your are own “self-discovery process”,let the game tell you what style of play best suits you.

Are you a better base-line counter puncher, attacking player or a serve and volleyer, which we don’t see  much anymore on tour these days.

After you have decided which style of play suits your game,develop a more all around feel for playing the game, and be able to work the point with your style of play, then finish that point off at the net.

Your body is going to show you which style of play suits you, so trust that it will and go with what feel natural for you.

Tennis players don’t realize how much of this game is FEEL,the better your feel for it, the better you will play it.

“You will know when you have discovered your authentic style of play, when it feel right to you on court,so allow yourself to get out of your conscious mind and let your subconscious mind guide you in discovering your authentic game.”

Step back and take a look at your game from the outside looking in and see if what you are seeing, seems right for you, then make mental corrections.

Okay, I’ll talk to you  guys tomorrow.

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Returning More Serves

“The return of serve, is one of the most important shots in tennis, the next being the serve, so work on both of them daily in practice.”

To help you return better follow these tips-

Get your feet moving, before you get into your return stance.

Next,hold the backhand grip, because it’s easier to go from the backhand grip and block the forehand back, so stay compact with the swing and the faster the serve, the shorter your take back should be,try to volley fast serves back and if they are coming in on you, keep your returns low and then look to step in and go for the passing shot after their first volley.

On some other notes-

If you are missing a lot of returns, move back a few feet, also breathe out just before your hop step and breathe out again at impact point.

 Have a plan in mind before the server start his/her motion and then visualize yourself making the return go where you want it to.

Do this on every return and you will start getting better with more repetitons.

I would also have someone serve to me from the service line for about 30 minutes  after practice and practice the tips I gave you today.

All you need is a little more practice and concentration  on the return and you can become a better returner in weeks.

Tomorrow I will give you another matchplay tip, so talk to you then.