Tennis Concentration

We all need  to learn how to concentrate better on court, most of us can concentrate, but it comes and goes when we are playing, same  thing happens to the pros!

But the thing that they have, that we don’t, is they have learned  how to concentrate through it,the top pros  always find a way to win.

So what you need to do is develop your concentration abilities more, I can hear  my students of court saying to themselves, “Focus better or you have to  concentrate better”!

“The time to practice concentration is off the court, not on it, by the time you get to the court, you should already have practiced it and be ready to play.”

The best way to practice concentration is to find a quiet spot and sit still for as long as you can, start with 10 minutes and work your way up from there.

Breathe deeply and see yourself playing great tennis.

Concentration is calming the mind, to be able to focus on one thing for a long period of time.

Try watching less TV, and work on leveraging your time with more productive activities, like meditation and reading.

Th reason most tennis players can’t hold their concentration in matches, is because they don’t practice it enough off the court.

Concentration in tennis is the most important  aspect of the game, but is the least practiced by most competitive players.

Experience players should focus 70% of their time on this, and they will start winning more matches in months.

The mental tennis tip for  2015  is this, ” Practice your ability to concentrate 10 times as much as you practice on other parts of your game.”

Do that, and you will become a Champion in 2015!!

Dealing With Tennis Parents

Today’s post is for tennis coaches.

On social media I heard some horror stories yesterday from coaches and wanted to share my experience with dealing with tennis parents and maybe you can take something positive away from it.

Of course I teach in japan, but I think the same applies for any  tennis coach, and any country, parents just want what’s best for their kids.

The first tip I would give them is, “Screen your new junior parents, I actually meet them and lay it all out there for them and if they agree to it, I have them sign a contract”.

Then if something  does happens, I just remind them of what we agreed to in the contract, and if they want to part way, so be it.

The next thing is, “Handle all problems as soon as possible”,never allow a problem go for a long time without addressing it, many coaches do this too, because if the junior is really good, they don’t want to lose them, and they pray for problem to go away.

Well, that’s not going to happen, handle all problems as soon as you can, seek to develop and keep an open dialogue with your player’s parents.

This comes with experience too, after dealing with parents for a while, you will get better feel for doing it, the one thing to do and this is very important, alway agree with them first.

For example, “Yes, Mrs, Smith his second serve does need more work, what do you think will should do about it”?

When you agree with the parents first, they let their guard down and you are able to solve the problem together faster, this approach has helped me so many time in my coaching career, write that down.

“Here is a summary, screen all players parents before you start working with them, next, handle all problem FAST, don’t wait a minute or a second, address it head on and last, always, agree with the parents when a problem comes up, then work together with them to solve it quickly.”

Oh, I forgot too, you must have a super positive attitude when dealing with parents, because it helps you to get the parents to react more positive, to problems when they come up.

The reality here is this, “Don’t take on any parent that is going to cause you problem for your tennis program.”

I hope this advice can help my fellow coaches!

Mental Tennis Self-Training

You have to watch and concentrate on your mental tennis game very closely to train it.

So you can then  make the right corrections and move forward with your game.

With tennis, just like in life, it’s all about self-discovery, and it starts with you being a silent watcher in practice, never judge your play, see it for what it is, then get to work on getting better.

This is how you can start winning more too.

Training yourself to be more mentally tough, is about right thinking.

Because thought is so powerful and it effect us on court in many ways, right thinking during a match can pay you big dividends.

Work more on your mental game in practice, use the next few workouts to just silently observe your emotions and reactions, again, don’t judge them, just keep quietly watching.

After practice, record what happened in a journal, if you weren’t able to stay calm and relax that day, promise yourself that you will do it next time and do it.

What players and coaches don’t get is that, in tennis, you are always a point away from losing your concentration and your mental game breaking down.

That being said, you have to gain self-mastery over yourself.

Think about this though,”If you can play in the ideal, you will eventually  make it real!