Playing Tie-Breaks Better

Are you having problems with playing tie-breaks?

Many players are.

The thing about playing a tie-breaks is, to look at them as playing a longer version of a game,then you can follow these tips here that I am about to give you.

The first 4 points are crucial in any tie-break that you play in.

You never want to give away any cheap points at the start of the breaker.

So play them on your terms.

Play them slowly and with total concentration,you should never feel rush while playing those first 4 points.

If you do that,at the worst, the score should be 2/2,now this is when you want to play every point from there,like it is either set point or match point for you, depending on the situation in the match.

Let’s look at a few ways this tie-break could play out.

A.)You are up 5 /3.

This is the best case for you,so don’t blow it.

Finish the tie-break off with the next 2 points.

And here is why.

If you let your opponent back into the breaker,you will start getting tight and end up choking!!

Develop a “Killer Instinct” when you have the lead in a tie-break or in a match and play to WIN!!

Another case that could happen for you.

B).It’s 5/5

If you are serving,you can’t miss that first serve(Ever).

Spin it in there tight and heavy and work the point.

Now, on the other hand.

If you are returning,never miss the return.

Get it back deep and low and then work the point from there.

The mindset is the same above.

You need to finish this tiebreak off as fast as you can.

But first.

Win the next point and then play the point after that,like it is the most important point of the whole match, because it is.

This is just an outline for playing tie-breaks,that i just gave you.

You can adopt and adapt this outline to fit any situation that you may find yourself in during a match.

In summary.

Approach playing tie-breaks in a systematic way and play each point with true purpose and true intentions!!