5 Tips To Improve Your Coaching System

Tennis coaches should have a system in place that helps every players that comes through that system, to reach their full potential.

They should then keep improving on their systems, by adding ideas and getting rid of things that don’t work, the coaching goal is to stay on top of your system, to make  sure it works for all of your players.(No one gets a pass)

Here are 5 things you should think about if you want to build a great system for your program.

1). Study great coaches

Study  great coaches like Oscar , Vic, and others, who have been successful with their teachings.

I study and refer back to all of these guys daily to stay on top of my  coaching game.

I also would recommend you read Jim Loehr’s books and his teachings on the important of energy and the role it plays in every tennis player’s success or failures, he has a great book out called,” The Power of Engagement.”

Study great coaches in others sports too, and synthesize their teachings with  great tennis coaches.

Then stay congruent with their coaching philosophies and even try to build on them.

2). Learn to communicate better

Master the art of communicating, by mastering the art of questioning.

The person that knows how  to question others to get what they want, is always the one who is controlling the conversation and many coaches just don’t like  listening.

I’m still working on this problem myself, but at least I’m getting better at it, after talking with other coaches on this topic, it seems like this is  a lifelong process, that you have to keep working on.

I have notice though, the more I improve on my ability to question parents and students and listen with an intent to understand them, the better I communicate with them.

The keys  to communicating better with others, is to be sensitive and concern when talking with them,because people can sense how much you care, so always keep it real when you are dealing with parents and players.

3). Drop The Ego

This should be number 1, the ego effects a lot of coaches and they don’t even know it.

Coaches want it to be about them, but it is call about the players, your job is to help them get that tennis scholarship and see how far the can take their tennis careers, it’s not about you taking credit for their success!

Looking at other sports and you see that in every case, it became  all about them,for example,” it’s not Alabama’s  college football,” It’s  now Nick Saban’s team or it’s not Duke basketball anymore, it’s  all  about coach K”.

These guys are great coaches and we know that, but they should never upstage the sport they are coaching.

So lose the ego!

4). Use practice to build their foundation

Your system for practice should be to use repetitions and have your players keep adjusting their strokes and their game base patterns for play.

Try new things to keep your players motivated and help them discover their playing styles, every players is on a self-discovery journey and our job is to go along with them on that journey, by questioning and listening to them, to get our coaching points across.

Evaluate your training system every 3 months and look to upgrade in areas were you need to, also eliminate everything that is not helping the cause.

See if you can have your practice system working like a well oil machine and keep it that way.

All the great coaches have done it.

5). No players gets a pass

My high school coach practiced this and it’s one reason he was a great coach that not many people new about, except in the local Missouri Valley area.

He told every players that played for him that, “He wouldn’t give them a pass to fail.”

This is a great attitude to have when coaches young kids, because with this mindset you are letting them know from the get go, that you have FIATH in them and  that they can rely on yours, until theirs can kick in!!!

Now think were US tennis would be now, if more coaches brought this type of attitude to the table, I know, I think about it all the time!

Read those 5 again and then get to work on modifying your system or creating one, use this as a blueprint for your system.

The thing about any system is, we can improve on the one we have, by exposing ourselves to as much information as we can.

Let me add one more thing, tennis coaches have to take more pride in their work, so we can start growing the game more worldwide, if tennis isn’t your passion, then find out what your passion is and go do it.

You only get one shot at this thing called life,so follow your PASSION!


IYFT Update

Let’s make sure that we are all on the same page with what IYFT is all about and what the concept is based on.

The following statement describes IYFT and the concept that it is bringing to students who want to learn it, listen carefully.

“There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and then you keep and hold that picture there long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking”, William James.

This statement is for all those tennis players who don’t reach their full potential and then start making excuses for not working with the laws, there is no excuse for not being able to reach your tennis goals and go beyond them, if you follow my teachings and that goes for club and junior players.

I will be in the states soon, so if I’m in your area, get some free one-on-one coaching, because the clinics will be free, the goal is to help grow the game of tennis and expand more players mental game.

Tennis needs someone to jumpstart the kids and adult programs worldwide and I will do my part as best I can, please donate to the cause too!

Now, I need to go teach, talk to you guys tomorrow.

Breaking Their Rhythm

Sorry guys first I have to response to a comment  I got about yesterday’s post”Thinking Out Of The Box”, which was meant to get players to expand their thinking, to be able to improve their mental game.

Then I get this BS comment, “You must have never played tennis before or coach any high level players”, the answer is yes to both statements, and I wanted to put this baby to bed here, this is an example of how much US coaching has fallen, granted, there are some good US coaches out there, but they aren’t even a part of the USTA  development program and that’s the problem with US tennis now.

IYFT is for competitive players that want to take their mental game to the next level and all the concepts are created with that in mind, hope that gives this clown some better insight.

Now let’s get into today’s post,as you can see,I don’t take S#t from anyone!

Break your opponent’s rhythm by not allowing them to win more then two points in a row(remember that tip I gave you).

All players are looking to find their rhythm in a match, so to prevent this from happening, never lose two points in a row and if you do lose that second point, get the next one.Don’t worry, most players won’t be able to play 3 straight tough points in a row.

This warrior like mindset will put pressure on most players, because they are not mentally tough enough to compete against it and as the match goes on, they will stop competing.

Work on this in practice to get a feel for it, then try it in your next match, this playing style is going to have you dominating more opponents.

Here is a concept that  more coaches need to be teaching to their players, because the goal in every match, is to break the will of your opponent, until he/she gives up!

“By breaking the rhythm of your opponents, you will be able to find your rhythm.”