The Mental Prison

As you can see, every tip in this blog is related to how you can improve your mental game, because if you want to be successful in this game, you are going to have to break out of your “mental prison”.

Today let’s get into the” mental prison” that many tennis players tend to get themselves into and stay there for their whole careers.

Understand that it is a mental prison and that you have created it, so that means that, you have to be the one to break your own self out!

Yesterday I gave you a tennis tip about  what to bring to practice,today I will talk to you about  “Desire”.

“Because until your desire to break out of your own self-imposed mental prison is stronger, then your desire is to stay there,you are going to stay mentally locked up.”

“I can only point this out to you, and then you have to do the work by yourself.”

 Get on the “warrior meditation diet” we talk about for a few weeks, to try  to get your mental game going in a new direction.

Your old self will resist this mental diet, so you have to persist with this diet, until your subconscious mind starts to respond to it.

“Let me stress that point to you again,your “old self”, will always try to keep you in your self-created mental prison, so be prepared  for it and fight through it.”

Tennis is just like life, it’s about true self-expression and to be able  to do that on court,you need mental freedom!

“The mental game  in tennis is tough and only the players that get mentally tough win out.”


Bring This To Every Practice

“Enthusiasm is the energy steam that drive your mental game.”

And without it, you will fall short of your tennis goals every time.

Enthusiasm is your true horse power, so take it with you to every practice.

Leverage your practice time by getting and staying “interested and inspired”, go to practice like you are  mentally starting over everyday, don’t get me wrong here, you want to get momentum and roll with your mental game, but don’t carry over mental garbage from the day before, to your practice today.

By being more enthusiastic in practice, you will find yourself tapping into your second and third wind and  being more receptive and adaptive on court, this is how you get in the flow with your game and the game of tennis.

Action tip-

“Take all the enthusiasm you can to practice next time and keep it with you throughout the practice, to start maximizing your time in practice”.

Which brings us back to the IYTF concept of”Using practice, to win more matches”.

“For me,playing with enthusiasm represents  warrior spirit,power and true purpose.”


The Attacking Game

I want to get this quick post here to you today, because I need to teach this coaching clinic in a second.

I want to touch on what I have been seeing from juniors for the last few years here in japan and also on Yutube.

Junior tennis  players need to attack when they have a chance, but they don’t need to go for winners while doing it,and here is a “ideal style of play” that any junior can adopt and adapt to their style of play.

“Learn to be great at defending in matches and also be great at going from defense to offense during a point, but make sure when you do attack, that you use the chance ball, as a chance to finish the point off, at the net, never go for an out right winner when attacking.”

This means you have to work on your “net play” more and also your transition game, which we covered before in this blog.

The name of the game in tennis, is to develop a solid defensive game, so you can then turn  that game into an “attacking tennis” in your matches.

The one thing I have notice recently is, junior players aren’t attacking the right way and closing points out at the net like they should be.

“Your job from today, is to become a good defender, so you can become a great attacker, then  develop a solid net game!!”

Let’s talk more tomorrow!