A Tip For Your Match Play

I’m going to start writing the post at night from today, because I never seem to have the time to do it, in the morning.


Let me give you this quick tip for your matches, during warm-up.

If you don’t have time to scout your opponent.

Don’t sweat it.

All you have to do is use your energetic intuition.

You can size up any player in 5 minutes or so.

Your intuition is always right,so trust in it.

Start using it more and you will get better at doing this in months.

All players are giving off a certain type of energy on court, by the way they carry themselves.

This could be a look of fear,confidence or anywhere in between.

The top players will be trying to do this to YOU during the warm-up also.

So, never show your hand to them.

“Step on court in a relax mental state and focus on getting into the flow of the match”.

Then build on the flow!!


Never react emotionally to anything that they may try to do,to gain the mental edge over you before or during the match.

Because when you do,you transfer your inner power,over to them!!!

This will be your biggest mental challenge.

That’s why you need to be meditating on empowerment daily.

Meditation builds mental toughness and energetic awareness for tennis players.


Since I have to go now.

I’ll continue talking about, this topic tomorrow.

Make it a great day for yourself on and off the court my friend.