Tennis Warrior Training 101

To start playing warrior tennis in months, you are going to have to train like a warrior does.

Tennis warrior training is  learning to master your energy.

Everything is energy on court and off, master your ability to control yours, then always re- direct it to your  tennis goals.

Spending  all your time thinking about others, is not going to get it(and this is where players lose with the mental game), or re-living a lost in your mind for days,this is not going to get you where you need to be to compete like a warrior.

All the mental tips I have been giving you  up to now, is to help you get to that next level with your  mental game, few more things about this.

Catch yourself thinking or talking about others and re-direct your thoughts on your game, and keep doing it.You become a tennis warrior by reprogramming yourself.

Tennis warriors don’t waste  their energy, they conserve it and then they store it up for later use on court.

I know in my studies on this subject,more then 90 % of competitive players, waste their energies off the court on petty issues, then they have nothing for their matchplay.

Energy is the one thing that you can’t play with, if you seek to become a tennis warrior, if you can master your ability to control your energy at all times, you will be able to put forth more effort in your matches.

Warrior tennis is all out effort in practice/matchplay and that can’t take place, if you don’t have any energy left from the daily grind.

So to make this more clearer for you, becoming a tennis warrior is going to be determine by how much energy you can  learn to master 24/7.

One more thing, don’t waste your time thinking about failures and mistakes, you are only losing energy every time you do.

I can promise you this, and this goes for club and junior players,”Change the way you look at your energy and you change your inner game.

“Into warrior tennis.”

Are you guys feeling me on this?

Talk to your guys tomorrow.


Practice More

I teach many expats tennis here and what you see with club members, is them coming out one time week for league play and trying to do things that they can’t or should I say that they can do, but need to get more practice in to be able to do it in their league matches.

Most club players need to practice more.

Tennis is timing and rhythm, the more you practice, the better your timing for your strokes will get.

Juniors should practice more on developing their game, they need to get and hold the vision in practice, and then practice, until their play matches that vision.

With more practice, you can develop and master your strokes.

After that, focus on discovering your game through practice.

In practice, the player needs to be refocusing throughout the practice.

Then the refocus  technique will keep you playing in the moment,all of my students who have learned to master this technique, learns faster and concentrate better during their lessons.

Serious about getting better results from your game?

Then practice more.

“We talking about practice”, famous NBA player?

Yes, we are talking about practice!

Hacking Into Your Tennis Game

See everything that you need to hack into your game, is inside of you,the problem is how do you get access to it?

It takes you being able to focus all of your thoughts and willpower on this one thing.

“Will yourself to think  how you want to  express yourself on court, by developing a game that feels right for you, then practice this hack to start playing instant tennis.”

Meditate for 5 minutes before your next practice,to hack into your game, you are going to have to hack into your mind first, and your goal with this hack is to induce a clear and uncluttered mind, that will allow you to perform at your best.

To make sure this works, practice and rehearse it daily, before you step on court.

All my students that do this are able to leap frog the learning curve in tennis and discover their strokes in weeks, because this hack allows them to learn tennis with a clear and focused mind.

Meditation is the key to hacking into your mind and then into your tennis game.

When meditating, focus on your breathing, ignore the thoughts, let them come and go,until time seems to stand still, now start practice.

“It works like this, through meditation, you can clear your mind, then through concentration, you can learn the game faster, then discover your game, and it works like that every time.”

Many of you should be seeing some good results from your game, if you have been testing some of these mental tennis tips that I have been giving you.

Great day in Kobe,and I’m off with my son to the park, have a great weekend guys!