Play Every Match Like This

I told some members of a high school team I taught at this yesterday,”Win the first point of every game and set, and always try to start strong and finish strong in matches.”

This is how you should be playing every match, to give yourself the best chance to win it.

By winning the first point in every game, you will give yourself the best chance at winning that game,the same with a set, only with playing sets, I would think winning the first 2 games are even better for you.

Let’s break a matchplay strategy down here for you.

Win the first point of every game, then play the next point harder then the first one,after that, continue and close the game out.

With sets,play the first 3 games like you are down love-3, this mentally give you a sense of urgency with your play, which is  a good  thing for your “fighting spirit”.

In every match you should be playing each point HARDER then the last one,if you do this and just focus on the next point, you will become unstoppable in matches!!

“And the secret to making this work for you, is to mentally detach from the outcome.”

Copy this and read it before your matches for a month or two.

Watch, your results are going to be off the charts, I’ll let you in on another secret  too, “this is the matchplay mindset that I instill in my lower ranked players, that help them to start overachieving with their present mental game’s.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.

Seeing The Ball

I fell a sleep watching the Novak match last night, so I don’t know who won it, but he sure looked  to be in total control when I hit the sack.

As you can guess, it’s a sad day here for many people, because Kei was knocked out by Stan yesterday, but it’s still all good for the guy, he will be back stronger then ever, bank on that!

Let’s get into this post.

I’m going to teach you how to watch the ball better today.

In a lesson last week  I was showing these tips to one of my  adult students who is very up and down with her matchplay.

When you are really watching the ball like you should, you block out all other distracting thoughts and it helps you to play tennis in the moment and be consistent.

The tip simple too.

In your next lesson or practice, warmup with mini tennis and consciously watch how the ball is spinning when it comes towards you, don’t cheat either by trying to watch how your partner is swinging his/her racket, do this for about 15 minutes.

After you are able to watch the ball clearly and can control the ball, move back to the baseline and continue doing the same thing.

This will feel strange at first, but keep doing it for a few weeks and watch how better you start to play in practice and matches.

What you are going to find out is that,”Your ability to focus is going to improve and your anticipation will too.

The reason I think  this practice tip works so well for tennis students and players, is because they don’t really watch the ball when playing(they play by default), I have tested students on this topic many times.

One more important thing to remember, keep your head still throughout your swing.

The better you learn to watch the ball, the better your concentration will be on court!

This is one of the laws in tennis, so don’t ever  fight it.

And enjoy the tennis today  too guys!

Attitude Adjustment

With just a little attitude adjustment on your part, you can change your results in matches, by changing the way you see yourself playing tennis.

Everything that happens to you on court, you allow to happen to yourself, by wanting things to be perfect, you are never going to play perfect tennis, so get over it.

After you do,focus on getting a better feel for the game every practice.

I find students are many time suffering from “information overload” in their lessons.

Coaches dump so much info on their students and expect them to remember it,well it’s not  going to happen.

To put all the things we talk about together,you need to be aware of your play and your reaction to your play on court.

In other words-

Never struggle and never give in to frustration.

Harness that energy

Tennis is just like life,”It’s a game and you have to learn how to play it the right way,oh yeah, you can choose the path of struggle or you can choose the path of self-discovery.

Any player can become a Champion at their level, if they learn how to play the game from the inside out.

But first they have to become one in their minds, by becoming a student of the game!

Go back over the previous  last 3 posts and put it all together internally now.

Kei, went out like warrior didn’t he?

But, Stan was just too tough for him today!!